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Music Sheet


      Please feel free to share the link to this document with friends or colleagues if you think they might benefit from its content. I update it periodically and the version number is given at the end of the document.


    You have my permission to quote portions of it into other documents if desired as long as you clearly provide the source reference. The text is entirely my own but some of the images used here as illustrations are not. Many were taken from the Internet and some may be subject to copyright by other individuals. They should not be used for publication without their permission.

    This document was created out of respect for and as a service to professional musicians. No compensation nor donations are either sought or accepted.


    This material is intended ONLY as an educational resource for understanding the physiology of the hand and wrist as it applies to high-level and professional musicians in the 21st century. Some of the more recent concepts discussed are not yet part of mainstream medical practice though hopefully they will be in the years to come.  It is not intended and should not be used as a substitute for professional medical care or as a justification for ignoring medical advice.


    Though I AM a retired physician and surgeon, I am not YOUR physician or surgeon and thus cannot be aware of the nuances of your individual circumstances. Once you have a professional that you trust, I STRONGLY recommend following her or his advice to the letter. You may and should however, openly discuss the concepts you glean from this document.



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