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Classical Music Players

The Musician's Hand & Wrist:
A Reference Manual



The Musician’s Hand: An Organ of Exquisite Finesse

       An overview of the function of the hand and upper extremity, especially as it applies to accomplished musicians, with emphasis on understanding concepts rather than learning terminology


The Physiology of Hand, Wrist and Forearm Pain

in Professional Musicians

          A discussion of why professional musicians must often deal with hand, wrist and forearm pain at various stages in their careers with the assertion that having a basic understanding of the underlying physiological processes will help them prevent and resolve these issues without medical intervention



Common Pathologies of the Hand, Wrist and Forearm

in High-Level Musicians

            An overview of common pathological problems seen in the upper extremities of high-level musicians with emphasis on recognition and prevention, when possible, as well as advice on when to seek medical treatment and how to choose an appropriate provider

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       This material is intended ONLY as an educational resource for understanding the physiology of the hand and wrist as it applies to high-level and professional musicians in the 21st century. Some of the more recent concepts discussed are not yet part of mainstream medical practice though hopefully they will be in the years to come.  It is not intended and should not be used as a substitute for professional medical care or as a justification for ignoring medical advice.

             Though I AM a retired physician and surgeon, I am not YOUR physician or surgeon and thus cannot be aware of the nuances of your individual circumstances. Once you have a professional that you trust, I STRONGLY recommend following her or his advice to the letter. You may and should however, openly discuss the concepts you glean from this document.



"Physiology is the study of why our bodies function as they do and that knowledge can reduce our fears, allow us to better understand our needs and ultimately take better control of our own lives. "

     "As professional musicians, you represent such a small percentage of the population that your unique and specific needs are rarely identified and addressed and some of the “standard” treatments used uneventfully in others may actually hasten the end of your careers."

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"The beauty of science is that our knowledge is NEVER complete and we must continue to learn and to grow as new information becomes available."

"The topic can be daunting but we can understand general concepts and principles without possessing a scientific background or having to learn a new vocabulary."

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"I hope you find the information provided here to be insightful and helpful in your career. I have written this document because I have tremendous respect for what you do!"

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